Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues!

One part of the international experts meeting in Bad Kreuznach / D (2 February 2012) – further information about this meeting – incl. application, visit 20Februar%% 202013.pdf – will also be devoted to the theme “Mobbing-international cooperation.”

In this context, we will now – this way – let you reach out and at the same time also ask about your answers to the following questions:

1.  “Mobbing – international cooperation”? – Please select one of the answers that
best describes your view or opinion:

a) Yes, it is already there! – And there are known to me the following forms (please note the detailed description of what you already know about it):

b) Probably yes, but I do not know any more details.

c) No, the real co-operation in this area (yet) not exist.

2.  Mobbing – it would be some form of cooperation in this field better than none?  Why?

3.  If we want to begin  international cooperation in this area (mobbing) – or to continue in it …  rise  productivity … deepen it, etc.  –  we should now do/require :

Your answers – send us via e-mail or wrote in this chat – surely it could become the “right “inputs” for constructive diskusion – whether among the workshop participants in Bad Kreuznach, or on our website, where there will be published.

Many thanks for your help and willingness to cooperate!!

Pavel Beňo, Prague/ CZ;


4.1. 2013
Evelyn Field (Australia)

1. a) There are pockets of professional interest but little else, the main one is the International Association on Workplace Bullying and Harassment apart from yours. We have a small research interest group in Australia, under guidance of Carlo Caponechio.
1. c) This is what we need, but it will take years before bullying is truly recognized.

2. We need better research to help targets, victims, employers, human resources, mental health professionals, families, the economy. We need more websites to inform the public and professionals and researchers.

3. Bullying is bad because it injures people ( and productivity, although no employer seems to care) thus we should begin with doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists.

We should encourage them to undertake training to provide appropriate treatment ( I am doing this with psychologists in Australia) and do further research into the physical, psychological, cognitive, social and personality injuries caused by bullying.

We need to understand how and where a person’s brain is injured by bullying and the appropriate treatments to provide healing.

Then other researchers, employers , unions, etc will realize why bullying is bad and what needs to be done about it.

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