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  1. Sorry, my English isn´t very good – I hope, you´ll understand the most … I´m happy to see, that we have mobbing-connections all over the sea! Mr. Pavel Beno is very engaged, it´s a big help, to „have“ him in our international common work. Wish you the best für 2013, much powerment and good vibrations! Good times and peaceful days! SHG Mobbing Graz Eva Pichler

  2. thankyou, it is good to establish lots of networks around the world, hopefully they can combine and make a difference to reduce bullying and mobbing.

    More important… let’s begin consoldiating diagnosis and treatment of victims and training professionals to treat effectiveley!

    1. O.K., diagnosis and treatment are sure impotatnt, but mobbing/bullying (processes) should also be seen in more complex way – as a sign of climate in siciety, quality & functioning of democracy, scope of civilcourage in/mong people …

  3. I totally agree about the role of bullying in soicety. But society is still not doing very much. I hope that if the injuries caused by bullying are identified, then societyy will take bullying more seriously.
    eg AIDs was taken seriously until victims broadcast their serious injuries.

  4. Dear Evelyn!
    Oh … but the question is if we – the anti-mobbing/bullying specialists – could´t do more the society will take bullying/mobbing more seriosly. WE are the part of society! We are not victims, but we know the victims!!!

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