8.1. 2013

Mobbing – international cooperation

Regarding your questions on international collaboration, I would like to inform you about the IAWBH, The International Association on Workplace Bullying and Harassment, where I am a member of the board. This is a body for collaboration between researchers and between practioniars regarding different aspects of workplace bullying. This is a forum and a spot to get in contact with others in your field/line of interest and to discuss and learn. It has special interessts groups around a range of topics. It also holds it bi-annual international conference where researchers and poractioniars meet to discuss and share their knowledge. Very important as we may learn from each others.

All the best!




“2 questions for Heinz Leymann”

I were so lucky as to meet Heinz on many occasions, and have had the opportinuty to discuss with him many things and  and also ask him the questions that I needed.


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