Anti-Bullying Flashmob(bing) – projects agains bullying

Flashmob anti bullying ribeira porto.mpg (21/05/2010, 15h Praça do Cubo,

Ribeira do Porto)


Vancouver (Oakridge Centre, 27.11. 2011)


Anti Bullying Flash Mob Don’t Just Stand There! Stop Bullying Now!

(Spring of 2011, thousands of Albuquerque Public School students…)


Flash Mob (Anti Bullying Promotion (Chatham Kent Secondary Schools)


Anti bullying Pink Projekt 2012, (Sir Matthew Begbie Elementary, (Vancouver)


“The Pledge”

(Thomas Haney Secondary School Anti-bullying day flashmob 29.02.12)


National Anti-Bullying Coalition Flash Mob (Grafton Street in Dublin on Saturday 3rd March 2012)


Anti-bullying flashmob (???)


Anti-Bullying Flash Mob (Aberdeen Centre Mall, Richmond School

District No.38, 2012)


The Biggest Flash Mob ever … (???)

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